Berlin Sport

Time: 15 min

Gyms in Berlin are great places to meet guys. The muscles, sweat, testosterone, all bring the blood flowing to their cocks. Sergio Moreno is an Italian glory hog. In his spare time, he coaches other guys to build more muscles. Today it's Pablo Morant's turn. While he lifts the weights he catches the bump in Sergio's gym trousers like the eye of a predator. With fiery glance he watches his fat cock in the fabric which Sergio finally frees and and holds it right in front of his face. Forgetting the people around get Pablo to the meaty beast and swallows it deep into his greedy mouth. He underestimates the size of the massive cock and struggles to hold it all in his mouth. Their cocks are now out of their sweatpant and for Sergio trying not to blow his load immediately was only the beginning. Now it is bare cock in hot ass. The air smells of testosterone and man sweat as the hairy southerners are placed on the bench, with his legs over his head and the unhesitating hole relaxed, so Sergio can fuck Pablo's ass with his juicy cock.

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